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    氣胎離合器備件 Ari tube clutch parts
    篩網系列 Production-Screen
    鉆機配件 Drilling rig parts
    剎車片系列 Brake pads series
    壓力表/傳感器 Pressure gauge/Sensor
    泵系列 Productions-centrifugal pump
    石油鉆井泥漿泵配件 Oil drilling mud pump parts
    可拆裝鋼木結構房 Series of vibrating screen
    振動篩系列 Series of vibrating screen
    清潔器系列 Series of cleaner
    離心式砂泵系列 Series centrifugal sand pump
    剪切泵系列 Series shearing pump
    除砂清潔器 In addition to the sand cleaner
    除泥清潔器 In addition to the mud cleaner
    真空除氣器 Vacuum degasser
    攪拌器系列 Series blender
    泥漿槍系列 Series of mud gun
    JBXL-250旋流混漿器 JBXL - 250 cyclone slurry
    射流混漿器系列 Series jet slurry
    離心機 The centrifuge
    液氣分離器系列 Series of liquid gas separator
    泥漿循環罐 The mud circulation tank
    電子點火裝置 Electronic ignition device
    振動篩網 Vibrating screen mesh
    高低壓成套 High and low voltage complete sets of
    防爆儀表安全柵 Explosion-proof instrument safety barrier
    防爆電機系列 Explosion-proof motor series
    防爆燈具管件 Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns of pipe fittings
    防爆通訊監控 Explosion-proof communication monitoring
    防爆箱柜 Explosion-proof bin
    防爆暖通空調 Explosion-proof hvac



    Puyang city xin peng drilling technology trade co., LTD. Is a collection of materials, new technology development, production, sales for the integration of professional production enterprise.

    The company was founded in 2007 on August 14, a registered capital of five million, our company now is member of sinopec enterprises. The company is located in puyang city 106 national road and zhongyuan road intersection south 100 meters, there are new technology research and development department, sales department, after-sales service department, machining workshop, workshop assembly workshop and product inspection department. Mainly engaged in drilling solids control equipment and a variety of pump parts, air compressor fittings, diesel engine fittings, wellhead accessories production and processing and sales. In technology, our company has always been to "quality first, technology first" for the flag, increase the content of science and technology input to the company. Company's products has been widely used huanghe river oil field and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, kazakhstan and other countries the drilling line, and to provide drawings, materials for processing production, obtained the customer consistent high praise. At the same time my company to product tracking service, regular return visit to customers, and collect the product in the process of using the flaws exposed, through the communication with technology department, constantly to improve and perfect products.

    My company to be honest with no price fraud, with the pursuit of excellence to create brand as own duty, sincerely look forward to working with friends from all walks of life to create wealth, to achieve a win-win situation.

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    電 話:0393-5398929
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    信 箱:huangjun337@163.com
    地 址:濮陽市106國道與中原路交叉口南100米
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    地址:濮陽市106國道與中原路交叉口南100米 電話:0393-5398929 傳真:0393-5398929 聯系信箱:huangjun337@163.com